General Council Meetings

All Meetings begin at noon.
  • Greetings, everyone! May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
    Please find attached the minutes of the most recent meeting of the Edmonton & District Council of Churches (EDCC). I would like to highlight two items that invite, if not encourage, a response from you:
    • Item 3 (b) iii Edmonton Prayer Breakfast

      • The EDCC has purchased a table of 10 for this event on April 24. If you would like to purchase a seat, please contact Louis Kloster at A seat at a table of 10 costs $45.00. However, the EDCC will subsidize the cost by an additional $5.00, lowering the cost for EDCC members to $40.00 per person. More details are provided in the attached meeting minutes. The deadline for reserving a seat at the EDCC table is Friday, March 29.
    • Item 3 (g) i. Development of a Survey for EDCC members

      • The EDCC would like to create and conduct a survey of its members in an effort to collect information that will influence our plans for the future and our effectiveness as an organization. A number of questions are being considered for the survey, but we would like to edit them and select only those of great importance. All members are invited, if not encouraged, to read the questions (Refer to the attached meeting minutes) and provide some feedback regarding their wording and their degree of importance. We are not yet interested in responses to these questions. Please comment on which questions are of most importance. Any suggestions for other questions or the rewording of any questions would be appreciated. Please submit feedback to Louis Kloster ( prior to April 30.
  • Thank you for your attention to these two matters.
    Also attached is the Treasurer's report for the last three months.
    Louis Kloster
    EDCC Secretary-Treasurer
EDCC Meeting Minutes March 2019.docx
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Treasurer Report March 2019.xlsx
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EDCC Meeting Minutes September 2018.docx
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AGM Meeting Minutes February 2018.pdf
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EDCC Meeting Minutes January 2018_2.docx
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EDCC Meeting Minutes January 2018_1.docx
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EDCC Meeting Minutes September 2017.pdf
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EDCC Meeting Minutes May 2017.docx
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Letter EDCC Jan. 2017 Scent Free Churches.pdf
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EDCC Meeting Minutes March 2017.pdf
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EDCC Meeting Minutes January 2017.pdf
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Annual General Meeting

Grace to you and peace,
In preparing for our AGM of the EDCC, I’ve attached the Annual Report and Agenda (worship format) for you to “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.”  Hard copies of the report and agenda will also be available at the AGM.
Yours in faith,
Rev. Kevin Kraglund
“To gather with God’s people in united adoration of the Father
is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer.”
(Martin Luther)

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2017 EDCC AGM Report_1.pdf
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