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Greetings, friends.
The Alberta Government has prepared a document specifically for faith-based organizations, providing guidelines as to how we can celebrate our faith during this time of pandemic. Perhaps you have already received it. In any case, I think you will find it very relevant and helpful. Please find it above.
On behalf of the EDCC, I wish you peace and protection at this time. Although we must celebrate Holy Week differently and from a distance this year, may we be united in Christ, His peace, His love.
Louis Kloster
EDCC secretary-treasurer



Greetings, friends.  

Please go to the "Meetings" tab to find:find attached the Meeting minutes for the March 3 EDCC meeting

Please go to the "Upcoming Events" tab to see a:Poster for Religious Freedoms community conversation (Saturday, March 28, 1 - 4 p.m.)

Please go to the "Projects" page to see a Poster for Outdoor Way of the Cross (Good Friday, April 10, 10 a.m.)


Please inform your church members of the Outdoor Way of the Cross and the Religious Freedoms community conversation.  These posters contain all the pertinent information you need and could be shared electronically with all who may be interested.  They could also be printed and put on a bulletin board in your churches and church offices, or inserted into your church bulletins.


 Please note that our next EDCC meeting is on Tuesday, May 26 at noon.  Lunch will once again be provided.  Two very interesting presentations are being planned.  More details regarding the meetings, the presentations, and the venue are forthcoming.




Louis Kloster

 EDCC secretary-treasurer e

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Prayer Service