Lenten Prayer

by Pastor Geri on February 21st, 2013

I received an email from this person and she shared with me a Lenten Prayer which I had used in one of my sermons during Lent last year.  I don’t know whether you practice giving up something for Lent.  It is my prayer that as you consider the Lenten Season this prayer might help you in your preparation. 

Adaptation on Henri Nouwen’s Lenten Prayer:
            “I will fast from despair; I will feed on hope,
            I will fast from depressing news, I will feed on prayer.
            I will fast from discontent; I will feast on gratitude.
            I will fast from anger and worry; I will feed on patience.
            I will fast from negative thinking; I will feast on positive thinking.
            I will fast from bitterness; I will feed on love and forgiveness.
            I will fast from words that wound; I will feast on words that heal.
            I will fast from sadness; I will feast on joy and humour.”
I hope you will be challenged by this incredible Prayer.
Loving, serving and engaging others for Christ,
Pastor Geri Redekop, Braemar Baptist Church

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