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United as one in Christ, embracing our diversity,
Edmonton & District Council of Churches
welcomes all, loves all, and
seeks justice and compassion for all;
through fellowship, mutual support,
common prayer, dialogue and service.

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Membership is open to the following, who agree with the Society's constitution and bylaws, and whose appropriate authorities exercise jurisdiction within the area served by the Society.

Annual Membership: $60

PART ONE: Submit info

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In an email, please include the following information:

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Church's Address (Include City & Postal Code)
Include any relevant information you wish us to know.

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2024-2026 EXECUTIVE

President: Sherri Guenther Trautwein
(Lendrum Mennonite Church)

Vice-President: Vacant
(This position remains vacant for the time being,
but we hope to fill it within the next few months.)

Secretary/Treasurer: Louis Kloster
(Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton)
(This position is being held temporarily and
is open for anyone who feels the call to volunteer.)

Member at Large: Ron Bissett
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Member at Large: Rev. Danielle Key
(Anglican Diocese of Edmonton)

Member at Large: Fr. Danylo Kuc
(Ukrainian Eparchy of Edmonton)

Member at Large: Rev. Larry Wright
(United Church of Canada, Northern Spirit Region)

Member at Large: Bro. Bob Gal
(Edmonton & Area Ministerial Association)

Edmonton & District Council of Churches

The Edmonton & District Council of Churches (EDCC) was founded in 1942 as a fellowship of Christian churches in the Edmonton area committed to living out Jesus' prayer for the unity of his followers: "that they may all be one... so that the world may believe that you have sent me" (John 17: 21).

To accomplish this vision, the EDCC organizes and encourages activities of common worship, fellowship, dialogue, cooperation, service and prayer among its member churches, and the leadership and the congregants represented by them.

The EDCC has a long history of success in developing programs and supporting ongoing projects that communicate the importance of the ecumenical movement and that express the essential unity of the Christian faith. These activities include dialogue days, an annual commemoration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, an annual Christmas collection (No Room in the Inn) in support of a not-for-profit housing project, and the Outdoor Way of the Cross held every Good Friday in inner-city Edmonton. Through its website and Facebook page, the EDCC works to raise awareness about and encourage participation in local ecumenical happenings throughout the wider Christian community. With the establishment of a subcommittee dedicated to improving our communication system and building our membership, increased effort will be given to strengthening the Council in the year ahead.

Laypersons and clergy from many different churches serve as representatives of their respective churches on the Council. These include Anglican, Baptist, Christian Reformed, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, Quaker, Roman Catholic, United Church, Ukrainian Catholic churches and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Representatives from Christian para-church organizations (e.g. institutional chaplaincies) and individual supporters of the ecumenical movement are also counted among its members.

In its 70th year, the Edmonton & District Council of Churches undertook a project of reflection and revitalization. Now in it's 79th year, the Council has engaged in a re-visioning process to renew our mission and vision and the strategies by which we can continue to build God's Kingdom in Edmonton and area. The Council carries on its good work from the past while envisioning a new way forward for the ecumenical movement in the Edmonton capital region into the 21st century.

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